13 February 2010

Upcoming spring concerts

Continuing on with playing catch up with the news I missed while on my hiatus last month this post is for the concerts announced for the spring of 2010.

First up is Kis-My-Ft2's second national tour. This time they'll be performing in arenas, which is a step up from the venues they performed in on their first tour last year. So while they won't be visiting as many locations the venues will be larger. The tour starts off at the end of March and ends early May.

I'm quite excited about this as it's another step towards potential debut for Kisumai. Johnny's just needs to step up and get them more promotion in the form of getting them on TV more with drama roles and TV programs and I feel they'll do well.

Then Yokoyama Yu is getting a solo concert tour which will be a nationwide tour, much like Kisumai's 2009 tour. It will kick off at the start of April and end at the end of May.

I really wish I could go to this as Yokoyama is my favorite Kanjani8 member and I have loved his solo songs. Instead I have to just hope he does another solo tour sometime in the future and I'll be in Japan for that and live off any of the concert reports I find.

Then the latest concert tour announced is for Tegomass. They'll be covering more locations than their first tour last year and begin touring at the start of May until the end of June.

With the tour announced it makes me wonder if we will be getting a new Tegomass single this year as well. Or maybe perhaps this tour will have solos, which their first tour didn't include. Of course this also means that for May and June we probably won't be getting anything from NEWS, so it would be a good time to release something for Kanjani8, though it'll have to be in June as Yokoyama needs to finish off his own concerts before that.

But with these concert announcements it makes me wish I was still in Japan so I could go to at least one show for each one. But I guess I should just use it as incentive to do well in classes so I can graduate after this upcoming quarter and see about getting a job in Japan so I won't have to go missing on these things again, as I've gotten rather addicted to seeing musical acts live in concert while I was in Japan.

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