05 February 2010

A quick update for this blog.

Sorry for not blogging at all for the rest of the month of January. There was just so little time for me as I had to focus on finals and getting ready to leave. I'm currently en route home again finally, I'm visiting my sister in Hawaii for a few days before returning to the Seattle area.

Once I'm home I plan on starting up this blog again in earnest. I'll probably be spamming this blog this month to play catch up for everything I missed actually. And since I'll be home and won't be going back to school again until mid-March I'll be able to do the things I haven't been able to do for a while when I was in Japan, like go back to work on translations and scanning for example.

So I haven't abandoned this blog, just took a much longer leave from it than I had expected. And I thank everyone for their patience.

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