05 February 2014

The Shounen Club 14 February 2010 review

Hopefully I should get this back on track in the next couple of weeks. Then I can work on seeing about posting on a more regular basis for other posts.

Continuing the regular appearances of Hey! Say! JUMP members on the show Arioka Daiki and Yaotome Hikaru start things off by performing the first song of the introduction medley with B.I. Shadow.

I am not sure how I missed it in the previous episode by A.B.C-Z is missing a member this month, Tsukada Ryoichi. Not sure why he is missing but I expect him back for the next month's episodes.

The medley ends with the guests of the episode, Hey! Say! 7, showing up to perform the final song. I guess they were an easy to guest to have seeing that Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri were the guests for the previous episode as NYC boys.

HS7 with Hikaru and Daiki remain on stage for the opening talk and reveal of the theme for the episode. The theme of the episode is Mirai (future).

There is a medley with mostly the younger Juniors that follow the opening talk. I was most excited to see that Hip Hop Jump actually got to perform a song in the medley on their own. For a group that has been around for as long as they have been one would think they would be at the point they would have their own group song by now, but instead the group continues to be under promoted.

This episode gives us a Gekkan Koyamaru segment, but with that another Snow Prince Gasshoudan member gets spotlighted as Chino Aoi is brought out for it. Chino left Johnny's about a year ago but before then he got a good deal of promotion for a little Junior. But for the photos in the segment it is Nakamaru Yuichi's turn and he has a couple with him and Takizawa Hideaki to share.

There is an A.B.C-Z performance after this as the four present members of the group perform Inazuma Venus. At this point seeing the group perform without all five members just does not look right anymore. But they pull off their usual standard for the performance plus the fanservice at the end.

Hey! Say! 7 then have their MC segment with the hosts. It is nice to see some of the members of the unit get to talk like Okamoto Keito. In fact it is mostly the back three that get to talk for this.

The unit does the next performance which is of the Hey! Say! JUMP song Hitomi no Screen. Part way through the song Daiki and Hikaru join them in the performance.

The game segment is the dance battle, where each contestant does a dance move that must be copied by the next and so on. Chinen is the only non-Junior in the game and he is there because he was the winner of a previous iteration of the game.

A Question? performance follows this up and it is a medley of songs, starting with the group's song FROZEN SKY. The other song is Naked, which is a collaboration with A.B.C-Z, so they join them to wrap the medley up.

There is the return of the Junior ni Q segment this episode. The topic is what the Juniors would do for the future to be more eco-friendly. Morimoto Shintaro is up first and he talks about an idea about having his entire family in one room. Of course by bringing up family they talk about his older brother Ryutaro as well.

Kochi Yugo is up next and he talks about the amount of times he uses the bath or the order in which his family members use it, that is if I am understanding things right.

Then it is Kyomoto Taiga who talks about using tissues, or thinking about how not to waste them when they are used.

Kawai Fumito is next. He talks about just using an electric blanket to warm himself up with. Not exactly what I would consider a good idea to be eco-friendly.

Kurita Kei gets to make his debut for this corner. He talks about separating the trash, which for Japan is a very important everyday chore to do and can sometimes be tricky in figuring out what goes in what category.

The final Junior talked to is Fujigaya Taisuke. He plans on amassing Eco-Points, which is something I did not quite understand other than it was something he saw on TV.

Kis-My-Ft2 then have an MC corner. They do quick self-introductions that cover their ages and what hobbies/current interests they had at the time.

Of course the group performs after that. They sing their group song, Good-bye, Thank you. It is a bit strange to see Tamamori Yuta as the center for this song, seeing as he is one of the few members that actually does not have a solo line.

After that it is then time for the final performance of the episode. The song is Hadashi no Mirai and of course this end song is the one for the older Juniors, but the best part of it is that the guys are allowed to have some fun with it so there are plenty of little moments to enjoy throughout.

We have reached the point again where we have pretty solid Shounen Club episodes, with both the Juniors and the debuted acts getting a decent amount of screen time. Though Kisumai is getting quite a bit of promotion with how often they are featured in segments and the fact that they seem to be getting a performance for each episode and not one for each month like other groups are.

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