29 April 2010

SMAP to perform at Shanghai World Expo

It has been announced that for the upcoming World Expo in Shanghai, which runs from May 1st to October 31st, SMAP will be having a free concert on June 13th. This is the first concert that SMAP will have outside of Japan.

For more information: http://en.expo2010.cn/ (English version of the website)

Arama journal entry.

I have to say I'm amazed that even though they're one of the oldest Johnny's groups SMAP doesn't seem to be really showing any signs of slowing down. And I would not be surprised if the concert venue is filled extremely quickly, as I'm sure there will be fans from Japan that will go to have a chance to see them in concert, especially for free.

26 April 2010

Shadow West's Kitada Kazuya introduction profile

I've finally started on doing translations again. I thought I would start up again with something simple but it ended up being a bit more complicated as for the final segment of the introduction there were a few full sentences that use some Kansai-ben. So like with all my translations if you can spot something incorrect please feel free to tell me, as I am still studying the language.

I ended up picking this because I'm going through my magazine collection, which has mainly become a Wink Up magazine collection, and there was just something that caught my eye about Kitada. I'm glad I did decide to translate this as he seems pretty interesting, especially since he really seems interested in his drawing.

Wink Up October 2009 pg. 79
Kitada Kazuya (εŒ—η”°ε’ŒδΉŸ)
Nickname: Kitada
Birthdate: June 3rd, 1995. 14 years old. (2nd year middle school)
Blood type: B
Birth place: Osaka
Height: 154cm
Weight: 40kg
Foot size: 24cm
Strong point: Talking.
Weak point: Lose interest in things quickly.
Specialty: Drawing
Hobby: Watching Kamen Rider.
Favorite food: Meat, sushi
Disliked food: Tomato
Favorite color: Black
Favorite sports: Tennis
Subject you’re good act: Gym
Subject you’re bad at: Everything but gym.
Favorite animal: Lizard
Reason for applying: Cousin applied for me.
Admired sempai: Ohno Satoshi
Type of girl you like: A kind person.
Your appeal: Me, I can confidently say that I draw as well as an illustrator but I also like manga. Anyway, whichever I decide on, I will have to study. There are about 400 manga books in my house. These 400 books are arranged very neatly. In my room they are the only tidy things. (laugh) There are about 4 manga that I am drawing myself to complete. I would like to properly finish a book and have friends and others read it. It would be great to have everyone say “it’s interesting.”

Tokio to host 2010's NTV 24hr program

The Johnny's group hosting NTV's annual 24hr charity program has been announced and this year Tokio will be returning to host. This will be their 3rd time hosting the program and it is the 33rd year NTV has run the program.

NTV announcement.

It hasn't been announced yet which member will be in the drama special that usually accompanies the program but for the past two times they hosted both Taichi and Nagase have starred in the specials so I think there's a good chance one of the other three members will get the chance to star in it.

I'm personally really happy for Tokio. They're my favorite senpai group so being able to see more of them than usual is perfectly fine for me. Though I'm a bit surprised it's not Kanjani8 this year, but maybe since they only just began doing nationwide programs Johnny's wants to see how they do with that before having them come on NTV 24 hour TV.

24 April 2010

Nakayama Yuma photosets from the Spring Kansai Junior concert

Since I saw someone on LJ offering to get merchandise from the recent Spring Kansai Junior concerts I decided to see about ordering something. I'm so glad I did as these photo sets are probably the best I have ever seen for Nakayama Yuma. And of course I was able to pick up another one of the new styled photo albums that it looks like Johnny's is switching to. I'm still wondering if I should make it a point to see about getting the newer photo albums to replace the older ones I have as it bugs me to have both styles mixed together. But enough about that, here are the photos I took of the different photo sets.

I have the feeling that Summary is going to make me rather poor even with Kis-My-Ft2 not being there, as I know I'm going to want those photos. But I guess at least I'm restricting myself to photos and photo albums for them only. ^__^;;

Kansai Johnny's news

Looks like I have myself playing catch up again. ORZ

But on Johnny's net the Kansai Juniors are listed to be having some summer concerts at the end of July, on the 28th and 29th to be more specific. The title of the concert is the exact same as the spring concerts except for switching out the spring in the title to summer.

Though I think there is a good chance of there being one difference between the two concerts and that will be whether or not Nakayama Yuma will be there or not. These two concerts are on the same days as the upcoming Summary concerts will be on and if this Summary is like the last Summary Yuma will be given a large role in it. So I'm pretty certain, especially with the recent NYC cd release and everything, that Johnny's will want to have Yuma be there for Summary as a regular with the other Tokyo Juniors, so it makes me wonder if he will not be at the upcoming Junior concerts because of this.

And now on a completely different note, it was reported a couple of days ago that Shibutani Subaru was in a car accident. He went to stop for a red light but didn't manage to stop quick enough and rear ended the vehicle in front of him. Both drivers were unharmed though there was some car damage.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

19 April 2010

SP movie starring Okada Junichi

SP looks to be one of those drama franchises that will be sticking around for some time. After a full drama series and a special episode the series will be getting a theatrical version. The movie is being reported as having two parts, so it's technically two movies, with the first slated to begin its run on October 30th with the second part scheduled for a Spring 2011 opening.

Okada Junichi will continue on as the star of the series for both films.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

06 April 2010

KAT-TUN's Going! without Akanishi

It has been announced that KAT-TUN's upcoming single Going! will only feature the vocals of the 5 members of KAT-TUN that will be doing their world tour. Or more simply put Akanishi Jin will once again be left out of a KAT-TUN single. The last time this happened was back when he left to go the U.S. for six months and he was not on the Bokura no Machi de single. Of course he had little to no presence on the album cartoon KAT-TUN II You either because of his absence.

This has caused a stir and of course rumors that Jin may be leaving the group as he starts up activity in the States. Especially with reports that there is nothing scheduled for him to do once he ends his activities in the U.S. in October. Johnny's has denied this rumor and has insisted that he will still be a member of the group but has not let out any other official confirmation.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

Honestly I don't think there's enough information that anyone outside of the agency is privy to that can confirm or deny the rumor. I'm sure if Jin's solo concerts prove to be incredibly successful Johnny's may try other attempts to break in to the U.S. market, but they aren't an agency that does things haphazardly or without making sure they have a good chance of success. While they may like to surprise the fans I don't think they enjoy surprises much themselves.

Plus this isn't the first time Jin has taken a leave of absence from the group so the chances of him eventually coming back to rejoin with KAT-TUN are probably just as good as him not, if not better as at least with KAT-TUN he has job security and something to do as it has proven very difficult for an Asian artist to break in to the U.S. so I'm sure if Johnny's wants to have him try it will be after they know they have the right connections to do so successfully.

05 April 2010

KAT-TUN and Arashi's new singles

Looks like I was right about KAT-TUN releasing something before Jin left for the U.S. as it's been announced that on May 12th they will be releasing their next single, Going!, which is the theme song for the TV program Going! Sports & News.

The single comes in three editions, two limited editions and a regular edition. The regular edition has a B-side that isn't on the limited editions as well as karaoke tracks for the songs. The first limited edition is the typical CD with DVD for the music video and making of. It also has a B-side not on the other two editions of the release. The second limited edition has the solo songs for Tanaka Koki, I don't miss you, and Nakamaru Yuichi, Answer.

Then Arashi has a new single, which I believe everyone was expecting with them doing the theme song for Ohno's new drama. The new single, titled Monster, will release on May 19th and come in two editions. It follows the usual Arashi release pattern in that the LE will come with the DVD for the MV and making of footage while the RE will have karaoke tracks for the title track and the B-side that are on both versions of the release.

Both releases are up for pre-order at cdjapan.

02 April 2010

News round up

Things have been busy for Johnny's as March has ended and April begun. So here are a few odds and ends that have popped up in the news recently.

First off Ikuta Toma has a new commercial for Lotte Acuo gum which also stars the main female leads of the popular Suzumiya Haruhi anime series.

You can view the commercial by clicking on the Anime News Network link.

Anime News Network article. (English)

Going into more rumor territory, it's said that Higashiyama Noriyuki of Shounentai and Kimura Yoshino are planning on having their wedding later this year. From the article it looks like they are planning on waiting for their schedules to clear up before having the event.

Tokyograph article. (English)

And for some fresh news, it was announced at Hey! Say! JUMP's concert today that Summary is returning this summer and HSJ will be the main group of the event. It will begin July 18th and end on August 28th and it all takes place at JCB Hall, which is in Tokyo.

Daily Sports article. (Japanese)

Also NEWS has been confirmed for doing the theme song for Kato Shigeaki's upcoming drama, Troubleman. The information can be found on the official site of the drama and on the page is lists the song title as BE FUNKY!.

Official Troubleman website. (Japanese)