30 May 2011

KAT-TUN cancels/postpones 2011 concerts

It has been announced that all 2011 concerts that KAT-TUN had planned for 2011 have either been canceled or postponed until 2012. With the changes that had to be made to other events, such as the delay of the baseball season, the venues, like the domes, are no longer free on the dates for the planned concerts. There was also concern about using the Higashi-ougishima Higashi park in Yokohama as it is an emergency evacuation area.

To make up for the concerts there are plans being made for a possible fan meeting event for the group.

Momoedgewood journal.

It doesn't look like this year is a very good year for KAT-TUN. Hopefully the next year will be better for the group.

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