04 January 2010

KAT-TUN's first 2010 single & some RL updates

I've been meaning to update sooner than this, but because of some recent developments I've been putting it off. All which I'll be explaining a bit more after talking about what this blog is really about, Johnny's.

Just received an e-mail from cdjapan for pre-order information for KAT-TUN's first single of the year, Love yourself - Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki -, which will be the theme song for the drama that Kamenashi Kazuya is starring in for the 2010 winter drama season. The D-Motion will be a B-side for all versions of the single. It will come in three versions which are a bit different in format than the usual three versions that they have been releasing in the past. Instead of one LE with a DVD, a 1st press edition with a bonus song and a RE version the three versions are two LEs with a DVD and a regular edition with a bonus song. Of course to make sure the LEs are going to be in demand each LE also has a bonus song. The bonus songs on the LEs though aren't group songs, but two solo songs, one for Kame and the other for Akanishi Jin.

Honestly I'm not as into KAT-TUN as I used to be so I think I'll be passing these singles up as from the previews for Love yourself and The D-Motion they're not songs that I'm in love with so I'll just wait for their next album and skip the singles for this group. That and as Taguchi and Ueda are the members of the group I actually feel like I can call myself a fan of the fact that they're not getting solos is a bit annoying to me. Even though I do understand that Kame and Jin are the most popular members of the group I still find it off putting that the rest of the group aren't getting some more equal treatment, as they all were given solo songs for Don't U Ever Stop so it's hard to see why they couldn't do the same for this release. But I guess in the end no matter how I feel about it things aren't going to change this close to the release date and I'm sure Kame and Jin fans will love this release so I'll be happy for them.

Also this release is for the second Wednesday of February, the 10th, which means I'm so far on with my prediction that this month will be full of Johnny's releases. The first Wednesday has TOKIO, the 2nd now has KAT-TUN, and the final two I'm pretty certain will be filled by Hey! Say! JUMP, especially as they have officially announced Hitomi no Screen as their next single, and Arashi, because they're doing a drama theme song so of course they're going to have a single for it. Though I'm curious of the order of the last two releases. I still feel that HSJ will have the last week because Hidarime Tantei EYE starts so late in January but as they've done a press release for it Johnny's could just go for a later release for Arashi, as they know they'll outsell pretty much any competition they're put up against if they feel an earlier release for HSJ would benefit them more or if they would have less competition that week. But I guess no matter what we'll find out soon as the pre-order information is released in what will most likely be the next couple of weeks.

And you know what I just noticed is that all these Johnny's groups are under J-Storm (KAT-TUN's J-One Records is a sub-label of J-Storm so they can count) so it looks like February will be the month of the Storm. XD (Is lame, sorry.)

And if you don't care about my RL updates you can stop reading this entry now.

Pretty much one of the main reasons I haven't been keeping up with updates for the past week is that I've found out the date I have to leave Japan to return home and it's much sooner than I thought it would be. I had expected I'll be here until the end of February but it looks like I was a month off as I only have until the end of this month, January. I will be staying for a couple extra days though, as finals end for me around the 25th so I'm not going to have a lot of time to back and get things settled here in Japan before I leave. Of course there are still some things I want to do before I go, as I have no idea when I'll be back, but I know that someday I will return as I really have enjoyed living here. But of course with school (especially now it's getting into finals time) I may not be updating all that much this month either. Though I'm sure once I get settled back at home I'll try to finally go back to daily posts again, as I won't be going back to school until mid-March so I'll have to do something to pass the time until then.


Karen said...

just like yourself , I was no doubt sad/annoyed that T-TUN is not again not getting the deserved limelight they should be getting ;___;

it's frankly not fair that Akame is always in the centre of attention . I know that they're the 2 most popular ones in the group but it make it seem like T-TUN are chop liver if you know what I mean :(

I just have a feeling Feb & March will be filled with crazy Johnny's releases again since I just found out that Imai Tsubasa will be releasing his debut solo single BACKBORN on 24th Feb

HUI YENN <3 said...

You're leaving for Japan already? DDDDD: