05 January 2010

22nd poll results

Just wanted to get this out of the way real quick. I'm going to the final Yokohama concert today for Hey! Say! JUMP and will be leaving shortly after posting this. And I will try to make sure I at least put up a highlights report for the concert tonight before I go to sleep. Though I think it may depend on how quickly I can do my homework.

But now onto the poll results for ' Which Junior group(s) do you want to see more of?'.

Kis-My-Ft2 41

B.I.Shadow 36

Mis Snow Man 28

Question? 26

A.B.C.-Z 25

Hip Hop Jump 16

Hey! Say! 7 WEST 15

Butoukan 12

B.A.D. 12

FiVe 9


Shadow WEST 2

I'm pleasantly surprised that Mis Snow Man managed to rank so high. I mean they don't get a lot of chances to be on stage like some of the other Junior groups so I think it's great that despite that they have a good amount of fans. And I really think Johnny's should be giving the boys more attention as they do seem to picking up a good fan following already and they seem like they'll be the group to take over the spot the older Junior groups hold when they are either taken off of Shounen Club or debut.

On to the next question, Which group(s) should release an album in 2010? This one will also allow multiple choices.

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