31 January 2009

Hey! Say! 7 on Minna no Uta

Well it looks like 2009 might just end up being the year we begin to get Hey! Say! JUMP subunit releases. And I'm saying this in light of the news that Hey! Say! 7 subunit will be doing a song for the time filler program Minna no Uta. The song is called Salsa Iina Iine and will join the block in April and will air for two months.

What Minna no Uta is for those who don't know, it's a block of songs, aimed mainly for children but some are more for a general audience, that is placed between programs on NHK to fill time. It runs a few times during the day and the songs are generally set to animation, IIRC. A couple of famous J-pop singers that have done a song for this program are Utada Hikaru and Ringo Shiina. Also to note early Johnny's group Four Leaves did a song for the program back when they were a Johnny's group.

Minna no Uta page for the April-May songs. (Japanese only.)

I think it's interesting to see that Johnny's is finally moving in the direction of having the subunits begin to release their own songs. Of course I expect this song to end up being a B-side to the rumored upcoming single. I hope Hey! Say! BEST will get a song with tie-in for it as well if that's the case.

Johnny's J-Rock in Osaka and Arashi begins promotions

This seems like a good time to be a fan of Johnny's rock groups/artists. Not only were the two Junior groups, FiVe and Question? rather busy with concerts all throughout the holiday season but they also have concerts for the first quarter of the year as well with Matchy and Subaru from Kanjani8 with FiVe as Flat Five Flowers. For the concert page at Johnny's net it has updated to note that Matchy, FiVe, Question? and Flat Five Flowers will have some special guests for their concerts, Tackey, Tsubasa (but both at different concerts) and Nomura Yoshio, who is a Johnny's that debuted with Matchy and also had a group band called The Good-Bye, which of course has been disbanded for some time.

Also Johnny's net lists that Arashi will be appearing on Hey! Hey! Hey! No doubtedly to promote their upcoming single. Filming is scheduled for the 8th so they should be on the episode that airs right after that date.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yabu Kota and Shingo Katori!

29 January 2009

Several news bits

Johnny's net has finally updated KAT-TUN's discography page to include RESCUE and has the B-side information up as well. The B-side that will be on all versions of the single is titled 7 DAYS BATTLE. The B-side that will only be on the First Press version is titled On Your Mind -Please come back to me-, which is a bit interesting to note that the B-side for the First Press edition of One Drop is title On My Mind, as it makes me wonder if the two songs are supposed to be connected though they do each have different song writers...

Arashi's new single Believe will have two PVs for that track. One will come with the LE version of the single with the Believe PV while the other can be purchased through the Japanese media site Dwango. The version for sale on Dwango is animated with the members of Arashi transforming into various Tatsunoko (the studio that did Yatterman) heroes.

Tokyograph article. (English)

On a sadder note Aoyama Takashi of the early Johnny's group Four Leaves has passed away from his battle with cancer.

Tokyograph article. (English)

Hyakushiki-Ou 02DEC2008 Shibuya

Getting back to catching up on Hyakushiki-Ou episodes. This is the first December episode and one of the more entertaining ones as the topic is Shibuya, one of Tokyo's most popular special wards.

When it first goes to the studio/classroom Inohara shows several shots of Shibuya of the past and present. This eventually turns into a bit of a quiz as the boys get to look at the older photos and try to guess what part of Shibuya it was.

Sanada gets to quiz the class this time instead of Shoon. I think it's really beginning to show that Sanada is getting much more comfortable in front of the camera, which is nice to see. This quiz pretty much focuses on prices, like how much to put up a minute advertisement on the big screen on the famous Q's Eye building and the like.

Moving on to the last and the most entertaining part of the episode the boys come out in popular fashions for different eras. Of course this means cross dressing for half of them, Keito, Shoon and Sanada. I think cross dressing just might be some kind of strange rite of passage for Johnny's to go through as so many of them have done so at some point in their careers. XD

And that leads us to the credits.

And then the end clip which is a preview of the next episode about magic.

28 January 2009

Sailor KAT-TUN?

Since learning more about the upcoming KAT-TUN concerts I'm getting rather excited about them. I was guessing that the seven themes would be the corresponding element/character of the day they would be performing. And it actually looks like my speculation isn't too far off. The themes have been announced to be based off the planets, minus Earth and I still feel weird thinking that Pluto isn't a planet either. But both the days of the week and planets share kanji, which is what makes it rather easy to figure out which day will be which planet for most of them.

So the days and themes should look something like this:

金曜日/Friday is 金星 (Venus)
土曜日/Saturday is 土星 (Saturn)
火曜日/Tuesday is 火星 (Mars)
水曜日/Wednesday is 水星 (Mercury)
木曜日/ Thursday is 木星 (Jupiter)

The only two planets that don't have a corresponding day of the week are 天王星 (Uranus) and 海王星 (Neptune), because 日曜日Sunday and 月曜日/Monday use the kanji for day/sun and moon. I would guess Sunday would be Uranus because Sun and Skies/Heaven go well together as do Moon and Ocean for Monday and Neptune.

Based on this I think I would rather go either Wednesday or Thursday, as I like those elements. I really hope nothing happens that would prevent me from going as I'm sure these concerts will be great.

27 January 2009

Odds and Ends

Well it's another dry patch news-wise for Johnny's. Though after KAT-TUN's big concert announcement they probably don't need any other big news announcements for a bit. But I've heard that for the Tokyo Dome concerts each day will have a unique theme, so it's like they want people to go all seven days, which I can't imagine doing unless you really have that much money to burn and/or that big of a KAT-TUN fan.

I think the only thing that could be worth mentioning is that Tackey's butai will come to an end today and Tsubasa's solo tour began over the weekend so even though they haven't released anything together for sometime, Tackey & Tsubasa are keeping themselves busy.

I'm too tired tonight to try to make a more involved post than this. I do have some drama reviews to write up, as I'm just about to finish Engine and began watching Uta no Onii-san. I also need to get back to doing Hyakushiki-Ou summaries so I can finally catch up with those. But first and foremost I'm getting some sleep.