19 December 2015

Kisumai Magic 20 October 2015 episode review

I confess I have been dragging my feet when it comes to reviewing this episode. It sadly has had very little changed from when this game was played on Kisumai GAME and suffers just as much for it.

This is the search word game with Yahoo! and it is still as boring as it ever was. Matayoshi Naoki from Peace is the guest of the episode but does not supply much comedy in the episode.

Like usual the most interesting portion of the game are the VTR segments that star the show's AD. Because there is not way to make people guessing search words interesting.

The only real change is that for one of the searches they had a contest between the guys from Kis-My-Ft2 versus Matayoshi. Unfortunately it was far too little to make things engaging.

Miyata Toshiya gets to try to show off a bit when he recognizes the anime series Hibike Euphonium when it pops up during one of the searches. Which is a series I really need to get around to watching one of these days.

There is nothing that can save this game and it needs to be axed or completely overhauled like with the magician episodes. Thankfully the next episode will introduce a new game which should be much more interesting than this one was.