08 December 2015

Kisumai Magic 13 October 2015 episode review

Back to a familiar game brought over from the previous series, Kisumai GAME. And with very little changed at all.

The set up it the same as before, Kis-My-Ft2 with the guest for the episode have to guess who the voice actor is with a series of questions and eventually asking to say quotes of who they think the character they voice might be. The guest for this episode is one half of the comedy duo Audrey, Kasuga Toshiaki.

There are four rounds to this and the first made me quite happy because it is one of the few voice actors that I know, mostly because of One Piece. The others had me stumped though I was familiar with the movie the last one was in, but it had been forever since I had watched it.

When it comes to showing the punishment for the wrong answers very little time was given to it. Though with four rounds it was not that surprising for them to have to rush through something.

It is brought up in this episode that Yokoo Wataru is a fan of Ghibli films, as he is called on by the other members of the group to help out with any voice actors that seem to have been featured in one.

I am glad they did not really change anything for this game. It works well as it is and the only worry would be running out of voice actors the guys would recognize. But all that aside these tend to be some of the more fun episodes as the voice actors tend to be brimming with personality and as long as you are familiar with the more mainstream anime series you can play along as well.

Next episode brings back the search engine game. I can only hope for that they decided to change something up or it is back to another bore of an episode.

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