30 December 2015

Kisumai Magic 03 November 2015 episode review

Another magic episode and honestly I am looking forward to these now since they have been retooled.

The guest for this episode is novelist Hada Keisuke. He was more engaging than I thought he would be, as authors are not usually known for being out going. But he added some humor to the episode just as much as the guys of Kis-My-Ft2.

This time around there are two magicians that are competing on who can fool Kisumai and their guest the best with their tricks. There are three rounds, the first is for card tricks, then coin tricks then the final round the magicians are given a table with a variety of items they can pick from to use for their final trick.

With this episode it looks like Yokoo Wataru at least realizes that the tricks are just as much head games as they are slight of hand. He ends up being the MVP of the episode and at the end gets to do a simple card trick.

I never thought I would come to like the magician episodes but with the new series they found a way to make them more enjoyable. If only they could have done that with the other dreaded game.

The next episode brings back the search engine game so I am dreading that. I wish they would drop it if they cannot do anything new with it.