16 November 2015

Kisumai GAME 22 September 2015 episode review

It is magicians again but they do change things up by having a competition between three acts.

Chris Matsumura returns as a guest for this episode, and he remains my favorite guest. He is perfect for the first round to have with Fujigaya Taisuke and Miyata Toshiya as they all have very different reactions to the magician duo they are to deal with.

But the first round is the magician duo act . While it was hard to get through their act, mostly from the put on cutesy voices they use for it, the annoyance factor probably helps them out. Though it is amusing to see Fujigaya just laugh at them for it, Miyata enjoy it and Chris look like he was wishing to be anywhere else.

The second round has a magician that gets the ikemen label tagged on him. He is the most subdued of the lot so not a lot of fun moments.

The third is not only a magician but is also a comedian. He gives his tricks a good amount of flash with a touch of the perverted, though nothing that would be too objectionable.

Senga Kento has the most interesting moment when he has his usual freak out when it comes to magic tricks. Though this one is for a different reason than what it usually is.

Overall for a magician episode it was not so bad. It probably helped a lot of have each round have a new magician act. Also having two that were pretty memorable with their showmanship helped as well.

The next episode is the final episode of Kisumai GAME and then it switches titles to Kisumai Magic. While the final episode is a return of magicians it is at a different location, in fact it looks like the same stage as the TEGIWA special that gets advertised with these later Kisumai GAME episodes.

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