09 November 2015

Kisumai GAME 15 September 2015 episode review

While it is the return of the magicians for this episode the game is changed up which helps make it more watchable.

The game this time around is said to be Old Maid, but it is really just the usual card tricks with a table. One card out of the six is a joker and each member of the group and the guest for the episode, comedian Higashikokubara Hideo, all take turns trying to figure out which one it is.

The magician this time is one they already had on the program, Fujii Akira, which makes me wonder if they changed the game because they were bringing back a magician and did not want to repeat tricks. In any case we do not get all the way through all eight rounds before things change up as the rounds have time limits.

After the cards things are changed out for a coin and they have to guess which hand it is in. So the odds are better than with the previous round. This one we get no explanation for the trick but for some of them there is no real need.

There was not much the guys could do to really stand out in this episode though, outside actually getting the answer correct. That is until the end when Akira is showing off coin tricks and Tamamori Yuta accidentally calls him 'sensei'.

I am glad that they at least changed the game for the magicians as it changes things up a bit. So I am more hopeful in getting through the last episodes for Kisumai GAME before moving on to Kisumai Magic.

Next week looks to be more magicians but with something new as there are more of them than the usual one.

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