02 November 2015

Kisumai GAME 08 September 2015 episode review

And we have the last of the word search episodes for Kisumai GAME. Even though they try to change things up a bit it still ends up being pretty boring.

The guest for this episode is comedian Gekidan Hitori.

The game is mostly the same as always as they have to use search terms to come up with a top hit that will give them the name of the item/person shown. They do change it up near the end by giving a timed round with no keyword limit but for the most part it is the usual format.

The running gag of using the AD to showcase most of the items they have to look up is brought up.

Honestly it felt like Hitori did the most in this episode compared to Kis-My-Ft2. Though the round where they have to find the right keywords for a painting gets some interesting responses in how they defend their choices.

The next episode brings us back to magicians but with a new game to play, Old Maid. That is nice seeing that the rest of the episodes for the show all feature magicians so at least having them play other games will hopefully make it entertaining, or at least not as boring at the others have been.

It does look like the Kisumai Magic show that replaced this one is basically the same show but with a different name. I don't get the reason for the name change then if they are not going to focus on magic but I'm sure there is some reasoning behind it. Or I hope so. Either way I will then probably do reviews for it too once I finish up with Kisumai GAME.

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