22 November 2015

Kis-My-Ft2 - Kiss Damashii RE single review

Artist: Kis-My-Ft2
Title: Kiss Damashii
Release date:  25 March 2015
Type: single
Version: RE

Packaging: Like with all recent Kis-My-Ft2 releases the packaging is really nice. It comes with a slip cover and the jewel case it covers is definitely of a higher standard that the usual ones used for CD releases. I don't care for the lips with headphones logo used on this, but I do not hate it either. Plus I do like the fact that they are using member colors throughout this, which the logo is mostly used for. Any cover that shows all the members equally is a big plus for me. And not only does the cover do that but it actually spreads out KiFT a bit so the usual split is not really noticeable. The booklet has two group photos then individual photos. As a nice touch the individual photos all use the colors of the members as the background.


1. Kiss魂 (Kiss Damashii)
What jumps out at me each time I listen to this song is the fact that it sounds so much like like a song they already released, Unmei Girl. While there are differences they are just enough alike that it gives me pause each time I listen to Kiss Damashii as I just think about how similar it is. Especially the "Come on" lines as that was something that stands out in my mind when I think of Unmei Girl so having it used in this song in the same way just bothers me.

2. Shake Body!!
While the chorus sounds a bit like another song of the group's, everything else is enough of a break away from what they have done it is forgivable. Or at least not as obvious and easier to enjoy the song. I do like how the rap parts are incorporated into the song, as it works quite well. There are several parts of the song that seem to switch to a bit of a different sound but nothing that strays too far to make it sound out of place. A fun dance pop song for the group and could have easily been the A-side.

3. サクラヒラリ (Sakura Hirari)
A slow tempo song that breaks away from the other songs on the single. The song overall just has this "chill" factor to it and is just relaxing listening to. It is quite the switch from the previous two songs but works to balance the single out. I enjoy the fact that this is more lax with the instrumentals so the voices are put front and center.

4. Past & Future
I really like this B-side with how it builds from the versus into the chorus. It gives it a dramatic feeling to it, especially once it hits the chorus. It is on the slower side of things, though not as slow as Sakura Hirari. More like the verses are slow with the chorus picking the tempo up a bit. And while it does nothing overly impressive with the song it never lets things overstay their welcome and makes the needed change ups to keep it sounding fresh.

The B-sides are easily the strongest tracks as the title track does feel like it is just another take on a song they already have released. The rest have enough to keep them apart from previous releases while still keeping to the style of songs that Kisumai do.

The single is a good example of Kisumai's style of music though and is pretty solid. Again the enjoyment of the A-side is really only hampered by the fact that it sounds so similar to Unmei Girl. But if you have not heard that song then there will be a greater chance of enjoying Kiss Damashii as it is a fun energetic pop tune.

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