16 October 2015

On Johnny's reviews

With my history of NEWS project done now and Kisumai Game only having a few more episodes to go before I complete my reviews for that, I have decided to launch a new (kinda) feature for the blog. Last year I decided to do reviews for the year of everything released that year and I wanted to do the same for this year. But this time instead of waiting for the end of the year I will be starting now and once I am done with reviewing all the 2015 releases I have I do plan on going back and review older releases as well. Provided that I own them of course.

I will try to have a new review each week, though the albums may take longer.

I will be adding a page link to the top of the blog for where I will keep a list of what I plan to review. Until then here is a list of what I have picked up/pre-ordered in 2015 and will kick off the reviews.

Releases scheduled to be reviewed:

NEWS - KAGUYA LE A/LE B/ RE single (07JAN2015)
Johnny's WEST - Zundoko Paradise RE single (04FEB2015)
NEWS - White LE/RE album (25FEB2015)
Busaiku - Yachatta!! RE single (08MAR2015)
Kis-My-Ft2 - Kiss Damashi RE single (25MAR2015)
Johnny's WEST - Paripipo RE album (22APR2015)
Nakayama Yuma - YOLO moment LE B/RE single (22APR2015)
A.B.C-Z - A.B.Sea Market RE album (13MAY2015)
NEWS - Chumu Chumu LE A/LE B/ RE single (24JUN2015)
Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-World LE A/LE B/RE album (01JUL2015)
Nakayama Yuma - Tokoton Got It LE A/LE B/RE single (15JUL2015)
A.B.C-Z - Moonlight Walker LE C/RE single (30SEP2015)
Kis-My-Ft2 - AAO RE single (14OCT2015)
TOKIO - Tokyo Drive RE single (28OCT2015)
Kis-My-Ft2 - Saigo mo Yappari Kimi RE single (11NOV2015)
NEWS - Yonjushi LE/RE DVD single (25NOV2015)

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