15 October 2015

NEWS' DVD single debut

Johnny's seems to love the DVD single as now NEWS is the latest group to release one. This will be released November 25th and is titled Yonjushi. The title song is from their latest tie-in as the theme song for the anime series Kindachi Case Files R.

The limited edition will come with the DVD that has both the music video of the title song and the making of feature. It also comes with a CD that will have the A-side and a still untitled B-side on it.

The regular edition also comes with a DVD but will only have the music video on it. The CD it comes with though has the two tracks that the limited edition has plus two bonus tracks titled, Eien and SPEAKER.

There is a bundle of the two listed but it just seems to be an easier way to get them both as nothing is being offered as a bonus for selecting it.

Honestly I am hoping there is more to the release than what has been listed. The price tag would demand it as the LE is basically the same thing you get with the usual CD single LE but costs over 1000 yen more. So there better be some topnotch packaging to come with it. And honestly if I was not a huge NEWS fan I doubt I would have gotten both versions because of the higher price points for this release without anything really being different from the usual CD single release from the group. So hopefully we will get an extra long MV and/or making of footage to make it feel worth it.

That said I am also disappointed that there seems to be no first press bonuses like there has been with previous releases. Of course there is still some time to change that and I am certain if they do not get the pre-order numbers they want they will add an incentive like that.

That said I feel pretty safe in assuming one of the reasons Johnny's went with the DVD single route with this is because November has a lot of heavy hitters when it comes to sales releasing singles. That November 25th release date alone has two AKS groups releasing singles that day. With December being a usual release heavy month they have little choice of when to release to make the most of the tie-in with the series currently airing and using the song. NEWS still has the number one streak for all their singles since debut so making this a DVD single instead of a CD single means they can keep that safe. In fact if the DVD releases for that date are not strong competition then they have a good chance of getting number one on that chart.

Worth noting their song Sirius, which was used as a CM song for a bra commercial, is not on this single. So that is probably be saved for the next studio album. I am going to guess that will come out in the first half of next year like their most recent ones have. That is unless they want to get another single out but so far two singles then an album has been the trend since the group last changed membership.

I am happy to get more NEWS but I just wish I felt I was getting my money's worth as the purse strings for me need to tighten as the holiday season arrives and I need to buy gifts. Hopefully any more Johnny's releases for this year are a little more friendlier to my wallet.

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