20 October 2015

Kisumai GAME 25 August 2015 episode review

And it is back to magic episodes for most of the final episodes for Kisumai GAME. In fact outside of one episode the five episodes after are all this game.

The guest for this episode is talento Chris Matsumura. He ends up being one of the brighter spots of the episode with his skepticism playing off well with the magic tricks.

The magician this time, K-SUKE, though has quite an accomplished background so he is one of the magicians more interesting to watch as he has solid showmanship.

His chosen object for his tricks are squishable balls and the object is more to guess how many he places with the guys than if there is one or not. This allows him a little more room with what he can do but it does up the difficulty level for the guys.

The first round is with the usual jackets then the second gets to be a literal hat trick then the third has the final two actually hold the balls in their hands and they just have to guess how many it is.

I still have no idea how they pick who has to do the punishment game at the end other than the fact the guest is always exempt from it. But this is one of the more fun ones to watch members react to getting "zapped" by touching a spot on the magician's hand.

Next episode is another magic episode, hopefully it will be one of the better ones like this one was. As between having a magician that is good at stage presence and a good guest with Chris Matsumura it was one of the easier ones to get through without getting too bored.

And now that a couple episodes of Kisumai Magic is out it looks like the main change to the program is the name. If that is so and it proves to be much more than magic episodes I may go ahead and do reviews for that as well. But until I make my decision I will keep my eye on it.

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