12 October 2015

Kisumai GAME 18 August 2015 episode review

And the show progresses towards the end by boring the audience to death with another search engine challenge episode.

The guests for this episode are comedian duo Savanna. They end up being the MVPs of the episode as well when it comes to actually being able to figure out the keywords they need to hit.

There is very little that has been changed for this episode from the first time they did this. The only one I can think of is that they give hints after a try or two so the guys have an actual chance of figuring out the words they need to use.

That and the running gag of the assistant director being used to show the item that they need to find and identify.

There was really nothing that stood out to me for being entertaining. It was pretty by the numbers and this challenge was not all that interesting the first time them did it. But unlike last time there is no novelty aspect to it as this is the second time.

And then there is another magic episode to follow this one up with. I am not going to enjoy the final run of episodes for this program.

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