05 October 2015

Kisumai GAME 11 August 2015 episode review

The return of the magician episodes start with this, and unfortunately it looks like most of the rest of the episodes left in this series are these.

The guest for this episode is Takei Sou. They have the magician wear a mask for the episode. That is basically the greatest change from previous episodes and I don't think it is hardly enough to make this episode any more interesting than the ones before.

The rounds work as they have in the previous episodes for this game where it starts with four for the first round then goes to three then two for the other two rounds. It is all handkerchief based tricks like usual as well with members having to guess who has it after each round. Some easier to guess for than others.

While not the most interesting moment of the episode I cannot help but feel that Senga Kento's expression here basically sums up my feelings for this game.

Nikaido Takashi had one of the highlight moments of the episode with one of his reactions. Tamamori Yuta had a good one too at the end and that was about it for being actually entertained.

The next episode brings back the only game on the same level of boring as the magic ones, the Yahoo search game. Unfortunately these two games look to be the only ones that the show does until they end the program which is pretty frustrating. I have to wonder if they ran out of budget which is why they had to resort to these for the last ones. I guess at least I am near the end though there are seven more episodes to go through.

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