26 October 2015

Kisumai GAME 01 September 2015 episode review

And we have another episode with the magician game. Hopefully it will at least be at the same level as the previous one.

 Returning guest, lawyer Kikuchi Yukio and the magician calls himself Dr. Reon. He has a rather striking look and comes off as a seasoned pro.

What is nice about this episode is that Dr. Reon has some ways that he pulls off the tricks that we have not seen yet so it is more than simple slight of hand stuff.

Also with this episode to show how tricks are done they have the cameraman film the trick from a different angle that allows those viewing to see how it is done. It may be a minor thing but every little bit helps with adding something of possible interest to this game.

Senga Kento is the most interesting member this episode from just how done he looks with this game. I am so on the same page as him, though I am sure he is more frustrated with never being able to figure out the correct answers.

I am already pretty sick and tired of this game even though this is another one that comes off better than some of the others. Thankfully there will be a break with the next episode, though it is the word search game so it is not like that is much better. In fact it is the one game that can turn out worse. Either way I am getting close to the finish for the series so I am compelled to keep going to the end.

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