06 October 2015

Kis-My-upcoming single update

Finally all the information about the upcoming singles for Kis-My-Ft2 is out. It felt like they were waiting until the last moment to start promoting for them. But both singles are only two versions, three if you count the Kisumai Store versions which are only available to those that have a Japanese address. But there is a campaign for those who buy both singles that they can apply to attend a fan event, which is probably partly why there are not so many versions for the singles.

Going over the information released for the second single to be released for the consecutive two month releases, Saigo no Yappari Kimi.

Regular edition cover
The limited edition comes with a DVD with the usual music video and making of footage. The CD has the title track as well as one B-side, Last Lover.

The regular edition has two B-side songs, On Your Mark and Kimi no Iru Machi, that are not included in the LE as well as a bonus track titled KIS-MY-TALK. The other single, AAO, also has a KIS-MY-TALK for a bonus track so with that release,

The bundle for the single comes with a bonus poster and the AAO single has the same deal for it, though that information was a bit delayed from when the pre-orders opened for that one.

I get the sense that Johnny's is hoping that with so few versions they can get more fans to buy all of them. Especially with so little time between the two single release dates. Of course having that application that needs the purchase of both regular editions should help with that a bit.

Personally I am sticking with just getting the regular editions for these releases. Next year will be the group's 5th anniversary since debut so I expect plenty of releases to cash in on that so I'll probably end up splurging on the group that year.

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