17 October 2015

Johnny's lists more artists

Johnny's net has updated its lists of talents/artists on the webpage to include more non-idol career Johnny's. Now Kazama Shunsuke, Yara Tomoyuki, Hasegawa Jun and Sano Mizuki have their own pages.

Honestly Sano's seems long overdue as he easily beats just about everyone else on the soloist side of the artist listing. He was known as the oldest Junior for a long time but now that Johnny's is willing to recognize talents that are aiming for something other than an idol debut it only makes sense for him to be moved into those ranks. His stage career has been pretty vast and is probably a good reason why a lot of people are not too familiar with who he is.

With the success Kazama has had with his acting career having him join Ikuta Toma as a undebuted non-Junior Johnny's feels like it would be just a matter of time. Having Hasegawa as well is not too surprising as he may not have the success of the others but he is still working more as an actor than anything else these days. Though with Yamashita Tomohisa on the same list it kinda feels a bit like a 4TOPS reunion of sorts.

And I am happy to see Yara be given this kind of recognition. Unfortunately the dance group he was apart of is basically defunct now but he is still active with the agency both in front and behind the scenes from what I can tell.

I am a bit disappointed not to see Takada Sho not get a page as well, but I am certain it is probably just too early in his career for that. At some point I am sure he will get one as he has already stopped showing up on Junior programs for the most part and is active with his acting work.

It would not surprise me that when he does get his page years down the road it will be with a couple other Juniors that will end up going that acting route. I can see Sanada Yuma being there and if Johnny's does not debut Yasui Kentaro I think he stands a good chance to be switched over to that track so they can keep him in the agency.

Overall I am just glad Johnny's is willing to branch out from idols a bit as it gives Juniors something else to aim for if they are not able to debut as an idol.

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