11 September 2015

Kokubun marries!

After rumors about it happening or supposing it would happen in the near future TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi has gotten married. The announcement came via cards sent out to members of the group's fanclub and there is expected to be a press announcement about it soon, the one originally scheduled for it has been postponed because of the weather in Eastern Japan.

All that is known about his new wife is that she worked at TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) but retired in the past year. The two had been dating for about seven years.

Yahoo! Japan news article (Japanese only)

I am so happy for Kokubun as he has been on the rumored to be married next list for Johnny's for some time. Of course there have been, and still are, plenty of rumors of why it took so long but honestly I think when it comes to older groups like TOKIO I doubt this kind of news would be considered too shocking for fans.

And I think it was a nice touch for him to decide to make the announcement to the fans first instead of having them learn of it from the news media. In fact from the looks of it this ended up being the exact opposite of that.

Of course now that Kokubun has finally tied the knot I am sure everyone is going to move on to figure out who will end up being the next Johnny's to marry.

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