08 September 2015

Kisumai & TOKIO singles

A confirmation and an announcement for two to the Johnny's groups that I follow.

The Kis-My-Ft2 single had been previously announced but outside a release date there was no information about it. Probably the most stand out thing about this release is that it bucks the usual release trend of two LEs and opts for just one. I can only assume this is because it is set to release so close to their next single. The title of the single is AAO and set to release October 14th.

The limited edition comes with the usual DVD that will have the PV and the making of footage for the title track. It will also have a B-side included on the CD that is still untitled.

The regular edition is CD only and looks like it will have the title track then four other songs. If you get the first press version of it it will come with a slipcase like previous releases.

I have been expecting TOKIO to release a single at some point this year. They may not release much but usually get one music release out a year and it is too soon for another album. The single is titled Tokyo Drive and will be released October 28th. The title track is written by Nagase Tomoya and the single comes in two editions, limited and regular.

The LE comes with a DVD with the PV for the title track.  The CD includes the title track, a still untitled B-side, and the backing track version of the title song.

The regular edition has the same CD tracks as the LE plus a bonus B-side. The first press bonus for the single is listed as stickers.

Looks like there is plenty for me to look forward to as the year starts to reach the end. I am really happy that TOKIO is releasing something as the group seems to be more variety based these days and only do music related things once in a blue moon.

I just hope the rest of the release information for them all will come out in the near future.

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