02 September 2015

Kisumai GAME 30 June 2015 episode review

And we have the return of the magician game in this episode, which I expect they are continuing with because these have to be pretty cheap to make.

The magician for this episode is called Fujii Akira and looks the least like one would think someone in his profession would look like.

Guest is talento Takei Sou and thankfully he is a more dynamic guest to watch which helps make the episode a bit more entertaining to watch.

The format for the episode really has not changed at all from the last time. It is interesting to see the guys try to figure out the tricks, especially making sure to watch hands since they mostly all end up being slight of hand kind of tricks. Not to mention that they get shown how the tricks are done so they are getting the chance to learn what things to be looking for.

There is a little change up as for one of the rounds it uses cards instead of handkerchiefs then the other a coin, which is nice for some variety. I do have to wonder how much further they can go with this concept before it starts becoming incredibly stale though as it still is all about slight of hand tricks.

I can only assume they chose Senga Kento for the penalty game because they knew they would get a good reaction from him. This time around it definitely looks to be more of a put on fright than him being actually terrified. And he easily gets the most entertaining member selection for it as that is basically the only real standout moment in the episode.

The change up of items helps a little for this episode but still suffers the main issue with this game in that it is not all that exciting to watch. I really do think this game was created to give them something low budget to do to offset the cost of the more entertaining episodes of the show. That said it looks like the next episode will give us another game with the same goal as the members will be looking up things online with a search engine.

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