21 September 2015

Kisumai GAME 21 July 2015 episode review

Another mix game for the group, so another attempt for them to try their best to avoid drinking/eating something disgusting.

The guests for this episode are Iwamoto Teruo and Miura Atsuhiro, both retired pro-soccer players, who are competing against them in this challenge.

To try to make things a bit more even with the skill differences between the two teams while Kis-My-Ft2 have to get the ball into the box from the front the ex-players need to get it in from the top.

Unlike previous mix games there is no way to remove an item from a drink, just add to it. So it more or less is set up that there is going to be something gross for the guys to drink after each round. Thankfully there are only two rounds, but that is a very slim silver lining when looking at the selection of possible ingredients.

In the end the main draw of these games is the punishment game and the reactions of the guys. The second drink you can tell has no chance to tasting good with everything in it and of course has the best reactions.

The most interesting moment for this episode comes from Tamamori Yuta who gets overly excited when he manages to do well with one of these challenges. He goes to high five everyone but catches himself when he reaches the opposing team. That said Kitayama Hiromitsu getting grief for the fact that he enjoys playing soccer and should be good at this is a solid second.

The next episode introduces a new game which looks to be a twist on the Japanese game of karuta.

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