15 September 2015

Kisumai GAME 14 July 2015 episode review

It's the return of the seiyuu game but with a twist. Instead of trying to guess anime voice actors the group has to guess the anime song vocalist.

The comedian duo Doburock are the guests for this episode, and they come prepared with instrument in hand.

They are given a paper with a list of songs to help them narrow things down a bit, with having to guess which out of five songs the singer sings. That said like with all of these the anime series covered tend to be some of the more well known ones to the general Japanese public.

Like with past episodes like this they have to start out asking for lines, this time of course all song related, to try to see if they can recognize the voice without having the song itself sung at first. Then it moves on for the singer to be requested to sing one of the five songs.

The most entertaining is an easy pick for me, and that is Miyata Toshiya. As a big One Piece fan myself I was on the same wave length as him for that artist and performance. In fact I am 100% certain I would have been moved to tears myself if I was in the same situation.

Though there are some other really fun moments so I would recommend this episode. In fact out all the more low key episodes this game is always a fun watch as the voice actors always seem to enjoy themselves and the anisong singers in this episode are really no different.

The next episode should be another fun episode as it is one of the mix drink games, this time the sport will be soccer.

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