07 September 2015

Kisumai GAME 07 July 2015 episode review

We have a new game and it is probably the least non-Japanese fluent friendly of them all to watch.

I guess the magician game was not enough to keep the budget low for this show as this episode introduces a game that has even less going for it than those. It is simply a keyword search using Yahoo! Japan's search engine and having a limit of only being able to use a couple of words.

The guest for this episode is comedian Suidobashi Hakase. He does bring some life to the episode with his comedic sense but even then there is only so much one can do with topic like this.

Not sure how helpful seeing the words the Yahoo! Japan employee is given to use is. I doubt anyone watching is going to bother to only use a couple of words to find what they are looking for. And as the group proved you do not need those exact words to find what they were looking for.

No one managed to stand out in this episode as the game really did not give anyone a good chance to do something that would.

If you know some Japanese or are trying to learn then it may not be too bad of an episode. In fact the way they have it structured you could play along and use it as a word building exercise. But if you know little of the language then these are going to be skipable episodes unless you really enjoy watching the guys do just about anything.

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