24 August 2015

Kisumai GAME 23 June 2015 episode review

We have another drone episode and another change of scenery for it.

The guys have a furniture store to run around and find hiding spots in this time as they try not to be caught by drones. Like the last time they did this they have challenges to find and perform to earn prizes if they make it through the round. The guest this time is former soccer player Iwamoto Teruo.

A new type of drone is added to the mix. So they end up having to deal with both air and land based drones which definitely bumps up the challenge level as there are less safe zones for them.

We get a bit of a break from the game for Iwamoto to pair up the top three soccer players I believe from the Barcelona team with Kis-My-Ft2 members, at least in name. From this they do make the three a team to go against the drones so it is a nice break just to segue back into things.

I did not feel like anyone really stood out as being much more interesting than the rest though the MSN team was set up nicely and was a bit of fun for the episode.

With the new format from the previous time they did this these continue to be fun episodes to watch. Drone episodes are definitely ones I look forward to because of that.

The next episodes takes us back to magicians again so I am cautious about it as it really seems to fall on how good the magician is as a showman on how interesting the episode is.

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