17 August 2015

Kisumai GAME 16 June 2015 episode review

We have the return of the guessing game with voice actors with some slight changes from the original format.

Guest is voice actress Nakagawa Shouko. The group has to guess who she is but are able to do so easily once she brings up her cats.

While the questions start off being about the voice actor the groups no longer has to wait for the next round to start requesting lines. This episode has a couple of voice actors from Studio Ghibli movies so fans of those may be interested in this one. But like the previous episode the roles are all ones that even those not really into anime are meant to be able to recognize as most are only familiar with the shows/movies they grew up with.

An added feature with the episode is that most of the voice actors got a chance to play in character at the end. One got to use two of her characters while two others played out a scene of a unlikely crossover.

While they still have the punishment of getting hit with the wooden stick if they guess wrong it does look like they made sure to lighten that up a bit. Partly with there being less rounds and it doesn't look like they are being hit as hard. I want to say they also changed the stick as well to something flatter so the blows are more dispersed and would not hurt as much. So no awkward moments where someone looks to be in quite a bit of pain like last time they did this.

I think I just might have to give Miyata Toshiya the most interesting label for this, even though most everyone was pretty good at giving reactions for either knowing or not knowing who the voice actor's character was. And that is because Miyata actually showed more of his otaku side this time with his reaction to the first voice actress and his line request after they figured out her character.

The next episode brings back the drones for more hide and seek. It looks like it will be the same format as the previous one but in a different location. So that should be fun.

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