10 August 2015

Kisumai GAME 09 June 2015 episode review

There is a new game with this episode where the guys have to showcase their ability with chopsticks.

There are three challenges that of course involve food that they have to be able pick up with chop sticks. This is a competition with Kis-My-Ft2 versus a trio of guests: chef Kawagoe Tatsuya, talento Yamaguchi Moe and Bobby Ologun.

Each challenge is timed and the goal is basically that food needs to be moved with chopsticks somewhere. The first one is a soumen noodle that needs to be placed in boiling water to cook, ice water to cool down then dipped in a sauce so then it can finally be eaten. Of course the noodle used is one of the really thin ones to add to the challenge of it all. But the winning team gets to enjoy eating the food, though in much larger quantities than what they are using for the challenge itself.

The next two segments deal with sipping vegetables in bagna cauda then having to eat them before moving onto the next one in a set time limit. The last is sukiyaki where three ingredients need to be collected, an egg yoke to dip the other two items in, thinly sliced meat and a cube of tofu. The final two items can be eaten once they are successfully collected.

Watching Senga Kento in this reminds me that I completely forgot that he is left handed. I know I noticed something to that effect in the previous episode but this one it is hard to ignore.

I will have to go with Kitayama Hiromitsu as the most interesting for this episode for the fact that he decided to use his turn to promote himself to gourmet programs. Though Yokoo Wataru has a moment that I was laughing at but it just did not have as much impact.

The next episode is another seiyuu guessing game so if you watched the previous one you can probably already tell how you are going to like this one as it does not look like they really changed anything for it.

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