04 August 2015

Kisumai GAME 02 June 2015 episode review

We have another episode where the group needs to compete in hopes of not having to taste something terrible. So like last time this should be fun.

Guest is Ishii Kazuhisa, former major league baseball pitcher. Not sure if his baseball experience will be much help outside of the fact that at least his position dealt a lot with aiming.

Like the curling episode this one has the focus on the punishment game which for this episode is a "mix pizza" where they have to eat pizza with all the toppings that their arrows have hit on the targets. They are up against professionals again but the Kis-My-Ft2 guys and guest do get a handicap to make a bit more fair.

They also do get the chance to take an ingredient off the list of toppings if they hit it with another arrow. So if someone hit the frog (which was a potential ingredient for the second pizza) someone would have to hit the same topping again to make sure it was not added to the pizza. There is also one other way to get rid of a topping and that is to hit the bulls eye, which will give the option of taking a topping off or adding one that they can select.

I do not think one really gets how terrible these things must taste until you look at the ingredients. To only spoil the first pizza they ended up with pickled plum, watermelon, double natto and salami. And as you can see these are not bite sized pieces of these things. And this first pizza had some of the least gross toppings of the three they could end up with.

There are actually a few really fun moments in this episode and none are all by the same members. But I do believe the editors of the show deserve some special props for digging into Kisumai's history to make a SHE! HER! HER! reference for when the pizza is too much for members to handle.

The episode preview shows the next game will be something new. They will be using chopsticks to pick up various items, which looks more interesting that it sounds.

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