27 July 2015

Kisumai GAME 26 May 2015 episode review

There is a return to the Kis-My-Ft2 vs magician game that they played a couple of episodes ago. I did not look forward to this at all as I really did not like the first one. Hopefully this one finds a way to be more entertaining.

This episodes gives us the first returning guest with Kikuchi Yukio. It makes me wonder if it was just filmed the same day as the first one as the setting is no different either.

The guys are up against the magician Mitama, who made his professional debut at age 17. He freaks them out at first by swallowing a long balloon, which I am sure I can guess what he has to somehow do for it to work but with how he pulls it off it is impressive. Though definitely still a bit freaky to watch.

The first round is basically the same concept from before, the magician will leave a handkerchief in the pocket of one of the members, and they will then have to guess who has it at the end. Mitama definitely has better showmanship than the previous magician as he makes a show of pretending to pocket a handkerchief on everyone. Of course everything is about slight of hand and misdirection which is per the norm for magic tricks.

The second round is the same concept but a different trick. What I like about this episode is that Mitama would show how he did the trick as the end to the members. I think the best reactions from the guys came then as they learned how the trick was done.

The final round was between Tamamori and Kikuchi for who would play the penalty game. The penalty game was not as uneasy to watch as it was not nearly drawn out and the participant not acting nearly as nervous as Senga Kento did when he had to do his the last time they had an episode like this.

Speaking of Senga, he was not included in the tricks for this. It makes me wonder that if this was to make up for the past episode where he had that punishment game that looked to genuinely freak him out. The way the set the rounds up it makes sense someone was left out but again I do wonder if that was why he was selected.

So overall not a bad episode and a step up from the first time they did one like this. I think the magician and his level of showmanship was really what made the difference as he was interesting to watch. I do not think there was really any member of the group that stood out in the episode, but it was going to be hard to do so considering the challenge.

Next episode though looks like its going to be plenty entertaining as the group will be giving archery a try and have the punishment game of eating a pizza of the toppings their arrows hit on the target.

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