20 July 2015

Kisumai GAME 19 May 2015 episode review

A new game is introduced where Kis-My-Ft2 has to guess a voice actor by their voice alone. Of course just guessing one of the roles they have done is enough to pass in this.

Guest is Iwai Yuuki one half of comedian duo Haraichi. It is mentioned on his name card on the screen when he is introduced that he is an anime fan but they could have easily done this without him.

The guys have to guess the voice actor with three different segments, each about three minutes long, where the voice actor has to use a different voice for each segment. The first they have to ask questions and they seem to be free to ask about anything. The second they can request sayings and the third is the same but a different voice must be used.

After each segment three of them have to guess, just two for the final segment though, and if they get it wrong they are hit with a wooden stick on the shoulder. From the expressions of the guys this started off rather hard but after Fujigaya Taisuke got a hit that looked like it hurt more than anyone expected they did not hit with as much force.

It was fun to see which voice actors the guys got excited about, mostly anyone connected to Dragon Ball Z. But they had only veteran voice actors that had some major roles that even those not overly into anime would be able to recognize them. That and also roles that the Kisumai guys would know as it looks like they are mostly familiar with the series from when they were kids like Chibi Mariko-chan and Crayon Shin-Chan. Miyata Toshiya would be their only hope for more modern fair as he has mentioned that he is still an anime fan.

I would probably give most entertaining to Fujigaya who after Yokoo Wataru announced that everyone knows who the voice actor was after a round confessed that he did not know. The timing of that was rather perfect, especially as he was the one up to make the first guess for that round.

If you are into Japanese voice actors this is a good episode to watch as they do have some of the more renowned ones. In fact a couple of them had prominent roles in Dragon Ball Z. It also helps give an idea of what anime series are the more well known to the general Japanese population as outside the guest and Miyata no one is an anime fan.

The punishment did help add to the entertainment factor a bit. Like I mentioned it seemed a bit too hard at first, even the first voice actress looked concerned whenever anyone was hit. But they did seem to lighten it up after the incident with Fujigaya so it was easier to take.

Next episode has another magician playing the same game as before, but with a different trick. Not sure if I really want to sit through another one of those but maybe they've made some changes to make it a little more enjoyable to watch.

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