13 July 2015

Kisumai GAME 12 May 2015 episode review

This episode gives us the return of the hide and seek with drones game, but with some changes to it.

The special guest for the episode was Iketani Yukio, Olympic medalist and gymnast. He did not seem to give the show more than some interesting moments, but at least they were entertaining.

They look to have been set up in a model house, so there were plenty of hiding spots for them this time around. That said they were given incentives not to just stay hidden somewhere as there were envelopes hidden around the house that had challenges for them to do to earn money.

To also work to make the challenge more difficult they would go up to three drones near the end. With two floors to the house and plenty more areas to hide this made quite a bit of sense or it would have seemed too easy.

It is hard to pick the most entertaining moment or member as overall this was an entertaining episode. Though Iketani did bring some special fun with the random rolls over furniture and such to avoid being seen by the drones.

The changes they made from the original run were all great. Giving the guys a reason to move even if they found the perfect hiding spot kept from having any dull moments. Also letting us see the controllers for the drones was a nice touch, as it is much easier to be interested in a human competitor than a machine. Overall a good episode for the series and much needed to recover from the boredom from the last one.

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