06 July 2015

Kisumai GAME 05 May 2015 episode review

Kis-My-Ft2 is up against a magician for this episode and it is not nearly as epic as one could imagine.
The guest for this episode is Kikuchi Yukio, who is a lawyer. Not sure how that works unless he is the go to lawyer on variety shows to help explain legal issues or something.

The magician, Motti, seems to specialize in tricks that involve pick-pocketing. The challenge of the episode is to try to figure out who was a handkerchief that Motti has left in one of their pockets.

So the basic set up for each of the three rounds of this is that Motti comes in and interacts with each participant and then they have to figure out which one of them has the handkerchief. One of them gets to answer to give their guess and then the answer is revealed.

They have a penalty game though I am not sure why other than someone probably thought it would make good TV. I honestly did not like it at all as Senga Kento looked honestly freaked out doing it that it was uncomfortable for me to watch.

Not much really stood out this episode so if I have to give and spotlight to who was the most interesting to watch it has to be Senga. He had some of the best reaction faces, which is probably why they wanted him to do the penalty game.

Honestly this has to be one of the most boring episodes yet. It is not all that engaging and I get the feeling this was brainstormed up as a way to have a few episodes that they could do on a small budget to offset the costs of some of the more ambitious challenges. Thankfully these magician episodes look to be spread out a bit so we get something more interesting with the next episode.

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