08 June 2015

Nakayama Yuma's Got It!

Nakayama Yuma will be releasing a new single this summer to be released July 15th and it is titled, Tokoton Got It! It will be released in three different versions, one regular edition then two limited editions.

The first limited edition is a CD with DVD, the CD will have the title track as well as a B-side exclusive to the limited editions, Chokinbako. It will also have the karaoke versions of the two songs. The DVD will have the PV for the title track as well as the making of feature for it.

The second limited edition is the same as the first except for the contents of the DVD. It will have a PV and making of footage for the LE exclusive track, Chokinbako.

The regular edition then is only a CD. It will have the title track then three B-sides found only on the regular edition. The titles for those tracks are; Shining, Summer Buddies and Hoshikuzu Train.

The bundle for all three versions comes with a special bonus. The bonus is a pen stand shaped coin bank. Not sure what exactly that will look like, but I ordered the bundle so I will be getting it.

I was surprised to see this news this morning. I really was not expecting anything new from Yuma for a while. In fact I figured the next release for him would be a home video release from his first solo concert later in the year. So I am happy to see that I will not have to wait so long to get something new from him.

I ended up getting the bundle as it does have its own extra bonus, which sounds like something I will actually use, and since I can afford to get multiple versions again I want to do more of that for the Johnny's that I follow.

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