01 June 2015

Kisumai GAME 31 March 2015 episode review

I have been wanting to see this program since it was announced and since I found what looks like a reliable source for the episodes I am going to see about doing some reviews. I will be trying to keep these short so that way I can try to do one every week, especially since the program is only for a half hour block.

 One of the reasons I wanted to start watching this program was that with the focus being on games it should be easy to follow for those with limited Japanese knowledge. I was not wrong in that as it was quite easy to follow what was going on in the episode. I do wish everyone was in a track suit that matched their member color instead of some of them having their colors match while others not really at all.

For the first game they have to play against a state of the art motion detector in a game of what is known in the West and Red light - Green light. But basically when they are being faced by the camera they need to freeze until it turns away. If they move then they are out.

With the motion sensor and a 10 second time limit that they have to remain undetected by it this is far from an easy challenge and really has the guys having to use their heads to try to figure out ways to get as close as they can.

The first episode is just them playing this game and at times it does seem to drag a bit. But having the guys try different methods help liven things up and of course the teasing members get for what movement they did to get detected as well. Not a terrible first episode but I do look forward to moving past this game and onto something new. From the previews it will just be more of the same for the next episode, but this time they will have a special guest to help them out.

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