29 June 2015

Kisumai GAME 28 April 2015 episode review

From the previews this episode looked like it was going to be fun purely based on the penalty game that they added to it. And it did not disappoint.

This episode's guest is former pro baseball pitcher Makihara Hiromi who was known as Mr. Perfect. I am certain I have seen him before so I am assuming he is a popular guest to get on variety programs.

Of course this episode will give no one on the Kis-My-Ft2 team any advantages as I doubt any of them were all that familiar with curling. This is curling with a twist though, as each stone has a food item on it and whatever is in the scoring circle at the end of a round gets mixed together in a drink that the Kisumai team all have to drink. Hence the game being dubbed "Mixed Juice Curling".

And to up the difficulty level (not that it's really needed) they are up against the women's curling team that competed in the Sochi Olympics. But on the other hand they seemed to be the ones informing the group of the various rules so it did make sense for them to be there other than to show off a bit.

It is a fun episode to watch and it seems to make as well as they even have announcers to go over the game as they play it. In fact they even get all professional looking with the name tags on the screen so it is obvious there was some extra care given to this episode.

Of course the highlight is getting to the end of the rounds and watching the reactions of the guys having to drink the concoction the end score created.

It is hard to pick a most entertaining moment this time around since there is plenty in this episode to make it interesting. Instead I will give Tamamori Yuta a nod for his issues with simply staying on his feet. While others may have slipped, and Kitayama Hiromitsu had a rather memorable fall himself, Tama definitely beat them all with how often he fell and this was a perfect pose and expression to sum up the outcome of the final play of the final round.

The next episode looks a bit iffy as they will be doing something with a magician that involves them wearing suits. I already wish we would have another episode of Mixed Juice Curling.

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