22 June 2015

Kisumai GAME 21 April 2015 episode review

A new episode to bring us a new challenge, though I am not certain if this one will make a come back. This time they are playing tag but against people who are mostly experts in various minor athletic fields.

The guest is former pro boxer Naito Daisuke. He proves to be a help for at least some of the rounds but even with his expertise some are just too one sided to be much help.

The first group rather helps set up what to expect for the rest of the episode with the guys, as groups of four each, go against three young women on unicycles. With just a warehouse room, which I think is the same as the one they used in the first episode, to run around in it is safe to guess who has the clear advantage.

There is then jump rope experts, only two but they are allowed to tag out with their jump ropes. Then it is a group of five firefighters. They only have to deal with four of them directly and those have to use their smoke masks and the procedures of being in a smoke filled building to chase the guys. The fifth member of that group got to be the leader and give orders.

It is then three speed walkers, all aiming to be in the next Olympics. Followed by two guys that apparently are really fast with walking with their hands and feet on the ground.

The final opponent is dubbed as the fastest in Asia with roller blades. I think it would have made this round much more interesting if Kis-My-Ft2 got to go against him with their roller skates.

The most entertaining moment goes to Nikaido Takashi sacrificing Kitayama Hiromitsu so he would not get tagged.

When I first heard this was going to be an episode with games of tag I was excited as it instantly reminded me of the epic Ya-Ya-Yah episodes that had the group members play tag. Of course they usually had a university campus to use and thus places to hide from the group looking for them but that just made it more interesting to watch. This really pales in comparison with it, but I think it may be partly because this show has an infotainment angle to it so they cannot go for pure entertainment. Though I could not see why they could not do something like that in an amusement park or such so they could advertise for that and give what will surely be an episode to watch.

That said it actually was not a bad episode. Since they never dealt too long on a group things had a nice quick pace to it and it was interesting to see how well the members did. In fact I would say Yokoo Wataru, Senga Kento and Nikaido really got to shine in this episode as being the ones that tended to do the best.

That said the episode looks like it will be fun if mostly for the batsu game tied to it.

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