15 June 2015

Kisumai GAME 14 April 2015 episode review

Another week and another episode review for this show. This episode was easily more fun to watch as the guys had to be more active in trying to clear it. The challenge was to play hide and seek with a drone.

This episode like the previous features a guest to work with the group in trying to clear the challenge. This time it is former soccer player Maezono Masakiyo.

The challenge is rather straight forward with a team of three having to hide in a classroom from a drone. The drone has to keep them in its sights for at least three seconds though before they are out. To pass the challenge they need to have at least one member of the team last a full five minutes.

While they figured out the key to winning the challenge early on actually getting it to work out was not easy. Especially when after three minutes they add a second drone into the mix.

Unlike the first challenge they have a set number of tries and once they are done with those they have to move on to the next level of the challenge. This takes them to a gym where they may have a larger area but they loose having much of any cover to hide behind. So it basically comes down to figuring out the blind spots for the drones, as they use two for the final two minutes again here, and speed.

Most entertaining moment of the episode definitely goes to when Nikaido slipped on the gym floor and managed to knock Miyata down with him.

Overall an entertaining episode that balances out the activity with the planning of a strategy to beat the challenge. Though still probably not the most engrossing TV program to be watching. After seeing the first three episodes I do get the feeling that this is part infomercial with how much time to dedicated to explaining and showing off the devices they are using in the episodes.

That said the next episode takes us to a new game and it looks like it will be fancy electronic device free, which shall be interesting to see what the guys are put up against.

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