08 June 2015

Kisumai GAME 07 April 2015 episode review

The second episode of the show continues the challenge from the first episode, but this time they have a guest to help them out. The guest for this episode is judo Olympic medalist Ogawa Naoya.

They have him go through the same process of trail and error that the group did with the previous episode but Ogawa does bring in some fresh ideas from his judo background.

Of course the fun for this challenge really seems to come from seeing all the ideas they come up with and some of the poses/faces they get stuck in when they have to be still for 10 seconds.

But in the end it was a great idea to bring in a guest that had ideas that seemed to really work with helping them reach the goal. Instead of the alternative of one there just to be there. But the freeze poses are still the best part of the challenge as everything else was a bit on the boring side.

Still the preview for the next episode looks promising with a more active challenge of having to play hide n'seek with a drone.

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