05 June 2015

Kis-My-World tracklisting

Kis-My-Ft2's Avex home page has updated with small previews of the jacket covers as well as the track listings for the group's upcoming album, Kis-My-World.

Starting with the track listing for the first CD that will be included in all the versions.

1. "4th" Overture
2. Brand New World
3. Kiss Damashii
4. Another Future
6. Kimi ni Aeru kara
7. if
8. Wonderfall (Yokoo Wataru & Fujigaya Taisuke)*
9. BE LOVE (Tamamori Yuta & Miyata Toshiya)
10. Double Up (Nikaido Takashi & Senga Kento)
11. Akashi (Kitayama Hiromitsu & Fujigaya Taisuke)
12. Shake Body!!
13. Perfect World
14. Thank You Jan

* Not too certain about the Romanization of this as with it written in hiragana and katakana I'm certain there is a pun in there I am missing.

The track listing for the live CD that comes with the LE A was up with the initial information so I won't repeat that. The DVD contents reveals that the album track that will be getting a PV is the lead track Brand New World.

The LE B has the tracks for the second CD that is included with it. The remix track listing is;

1. Everybody Go (remixed by Taku Takahashi)
2. SHE! HER! HER! (remixed by Wagakki Band)
3. Take Over (remixed by DJ Watarai)
4. Tell me why (remixed by TeddyLoid)
5. Unmei Girl (remixed by banvox)
6. Black & White (remixed by DJ Hasebe)
8. Kimi tono Kiseki (remixed by FPM)
9. Tanagokoro (remixed by Jazzin'park)
10. Daisuke Desu (remixed by DAISHI DANCE)
11. FIRE BEAT (remixed by DJ FUMI★YEAH!)
12. Inori (remixed by PandaBoY)
13. Ame (remixed by Avec Avec (Sugar's Campaign))

The DVD is basically the same content as what was already announced,

The RE of course will be the one CD but it will have two bonus tracks, Doki Doki de YEEEAAAHHH!! and Halley. I can only assume that second bonus track is connected to Halley's comet in some way or I have no clue about that title.

I am rather happy with the track listing for the remix album. Of course actually hearing the remixes will be the final judge of it but I do like it is not just single A-sides on it. I have liked the remixes I have heard from DAISHI DANCE so I look forward to that. Wagakki Band is an actual band and do a traditional Japanese/rock instrument fusion so I am very curious to how their track will work out. Outside of that I am not familiar with the rest but the blurb about the CD says some of the various styles will be EDM, Hip Hop and traditional Japanese music (I'm certain the last one is covered with Wagakki Band though).

Overall still excited for this release even though there will not be a lot of new group songs. But I do look forward to the special units and the bonus CDs.

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