18 May 2015

NEWS Chumu Chumu

NEWS will be releasing a new single shortly after their tour wraps up in June. The title is Chumu Chumu (or Tyumu Tyumu by CDJapan's romanization of it) and it will be released June 24th. It will come in three editions and there is a bundle available for those who want to get all three. Also the first press bonus this time around is a B2 sized poster, a different one to go with each version of the release.

The first limited edition comes with a DVD. It will only have the title track and a B-side that will be on all other editions of the release on the CD. The DVD will have the PV for the title track plus the making of and will be about 30 minutes long.

The second limited edition is CD only and will have the two tracks on the 1st LE as well as a bonus B-side not on any of the other editions. It will also have a set of four photo cards.

Then the regular edition will have the two tracks the other two versions have plus two bonus B-sides not on either of them. It will also have a karaoke version of the title track.

The bundle this time is just an easy way to order all three editions as it does not come with anything extra for it.

Seeing the break down of the different editions for this release is the same as their previous single, KAGUYA, I am thinking this will most likely be the standard for the group going forward. And that suits me fine as getting five new songs from the group with each single is great and of course it is nice to be getting DVDs with the PV on them for NEWS after going so long before they began doing that.

I pre-ordered my bundle immediately as NEWS is a group that when they have something that is limited it actually is and thankfully I can afford it. I am really excited about the bonus posters as I really love posters and have wanted a NEWS poster for a long time. Now I will have three, though depending on how much I like the designs I may not keep them all. But I am certain with three different versions there will be one I will like at least.

Between this release and Kis-My-Ft2's new album the summer is starting off great for me when it comes to Johnny's.

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