15 May 2015


As I had predicted Kis-My-Ft2 will be releasing their annual album in July this year, specifically July 1st. It will be titled Kis-My-World and will come in three editions (not including the editions only available through the Japanese only online stores), two limited editions and a regular edition.

The first limited edition will come with a DVD and two CDs. The first CD is the main album that will have 15 tracks in total which will include four duet songs with the groupings for it: Kitayama Hiromitsu & Fujigaya Taisuke, Tamamori Yuta & Miyata Toshiya, Nikaido Takashi & Senga Kento and Yokoo Wataru & Fujigaya Taisuke. The second CD will be a live album with audio from their Kis-My-Journey concert tour last year. The DVD will have a music video for a new song plus special footage for the members of the group including documentary footage for the duos.

The second limited edition will also come with a DVD and two CDs. The first CD is the same as the other limited edition. The second CD will be a remix CD of 13 of their songs from past singles, albums and even pre-debut songs. The DVD will have the multi-angle version of the music video, the making of for it and digest footage from a release event and a making of footage for that.

The regular edition will have the same 15 tracks as the limited editions plus two bonus tracks. The first press edition comes with digipak packaging.

I am of course rather excited for this. Even though there are B-sides being included in the track list the inclusion of the bonus CDs feels like they make up for that. In fact I think I will probably go ahead and get all three versions. The limited editions I will pre-order while the regular edition I will probably pick up later when I can afford it.

But I love that Kisumai is getting to try new things with the bonus CDs for the limited editions. And form the pairings for the unit songs it looks like they are throwing in some fanservice as well.

I am surprised that they have not announced a tour to go with the album yet, but I will assume they will soon enough. And with this it does indeed look like Kisumai has moved to albums and touring in the summer, which is usually one of the bigger seasons for concert tours outside of around the New Year.

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