21 April 2015

Taking a guess for Kis-My-Ft2's 2015 releases

It seems like the idols I follow are all in a lull phase where there is not much going on, or at least nothing as a foreign fan can really enjoy. So I have begun to try to guess when the next releases for them may happen and honestly Kis-My-Ft2 is the only group I feel that I can guess with any kind of accuracy.

My guess is basically up next it will be an original album from the group followed by the usual single release in August and possibly another single in November.

Last year it looked like they wanted to switch up the release schedule by having a single collection album being released in March instead of the usual original album. Of course that just was a delay for the annual original album from the group as it was released in July. Since that album there has been three single released for Kisumai and two for Busaiku so an album release this July would make sense. Or even late June, but with Kitayama Hiromitsu and Fujigaya Taisuke busy with stage productions in May, with Fujigaya's running to the end of the month, it may not be enough time to record everything. Especially as they are the main vocals of the group. That is of course if there has not been some production done for it already.

The big indicator will be a concert tour announcement, as Kisumai is a group that tours when they have a new album out. So if there is an album coming this summer we should first get a concert tour announcement preceding one for a new album.

There has yet to be a year that Kisumai has not released a single in the first half of August and I do not see this year being the exception. This will be the fourth anniversary of the group's debut and seeing as they had a special anniversary edition last year I can see there being one for this year too.

The only issue would be that it could be cutting it close for Kitayama, as he has the overseas Takizawa Kabuki shows in Singapore to do starting the 18th of that month. But if they wrap up promotion for the single quickly it may not be too much of an issue. Or if they release it on the 5th and not the 12th. Though they have kept this August single release as close to the release date of their debut single, August 10th, so the latter is more likely for the release date based on that.

Also it has been announced that Tamamori Yuta will be starring in a drama that begins airing in October so I will assume that the group will do the theme song for it. That said I can see that being for the usual single release near the end of the year, and they have released two of those in November so the timing would work out for it.

So basically my guess is that we get a new album most likely in July with a slight chance for late June. Then the usual anniversary single release in August, with the 12th being the more likely date. And to finish up the year a single in November.

Of course there could be a new Busaiku single thrown in there somewhere, but those are much harder to place as they do not really follow a pattern. I just doubt we will get one before the next album drops.

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