27 March 2015

Yuma's YOLO

Covers are out as well as the rest of the information about Nakayama Yuma's upcoming single, YOLO moment. The title of his upcoming concert tour is also out now.


The coupling track for the limited editions of the single is title Kao. It is exclusive to those editions.

Apparently the untitled B-side on the regular edition will be another song that is not included on the limited editions. It is titled Friday Night ~Konna Mirai~.

His tour title has been announced to be Nakayama Yuma Chapter 1: Utaou ze! Odorou ze! YOLO ze! Tour.

While I still don't care for the use of YOLO, I do like the covers for this single. I am surprised to find that the untitled song on all the editions is not the same for all of them. For me this means I am going to have to get one of the LEs now, as I try to get all the songs from an artist I like. But since I already put my pre-order in for the RE I will probably have that in another batch of pre-orders.

In any case I am looking forward to this release so April cannot come soon enough really.

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