30 March 2015

Tegomass no Seishun concert video release

The home video release for Tegomass' last concert tour, Tegomass no Seishun, is set to come out May 13th. It will come out on both DVD and BD formats with each format having the same two editions. All editions have a pre-order bonus of a clearfile, a different version for the REs and LEs.

The regular editions will have the concert filmed at Yokohama Arena and have a six minute documentary video.

The limited editions will have the same concert footage but will have a 100 minute documentary to include rehearsal footage, backstage footage and more. It will also come with a 52-page booklet.

I have to admit that the limited edition for this release sounds so much better than the regular edition. I mean how much of a documentary can one get for six minutes. Most making ofs for PVs are longer than that.

Even though I do not plan on getting this release I am glad to see that BD releases are becoming the norm finally for Johnny's concerts. With how visual they are it seemed a shame that Johnny's was dragging their feet when it came to putting out HD versions.

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