15 March 2015

Double Kansai Johnny's release day

April 22nd will be the release date for two Johnny's acts, Nakayama Yuma will be releasing a new single that day and Johnny's WEST will have a mini-album. Yuma's new single is titled YOLO moment and will have three versions, and JWEST's mini-album is titled Paripipo.

For the Yuma single the Limited Edition type A will have a DVD that will come with the PV of the title track and making of footage. It is noted that Yara Tomoyuki choreographed the dance for the song and Travis Japan will be the back dancers in the PV. The CD will have a still untitled B-side and the karaoke version of the title track.

The Limited Edition type B will have a DVD that will have footage from a special event Yuma did in Osaka that was a performance and talk. The run time for that is listed being about 40 minutes. The CD will have the same content as the other limited edition.

The Regular Edition will just be a CD that will have two B-sides not included on the limited editions. Those B-sides do have titles listed as, VOICE and Negaigoto.

There is a bundle of all three editions that you can get that has a special bonus for getting all three together. That bonus is a denim pouch.

For the JWEST mini-album the Limited Edition will have a DVD that has footage from the release event at Yokohama arena they did for their first album. It is listed as running for about 60 minutes and the full track list is up at Johnny's net. The CD will have five tracks with only the first having a title, Paripipo Anthem. It will also have a 8-page booklet.

The Regular Edition is just the CD but with two bonus tracks as well as a 12-page booklet.

There is also a bundle to get both but the only bonus is the bonus you get for the individual releases, a clear file for each one.

I honestly cannot take Yuma's single title seriously at all, but that's okay. As long as the song is on the same level as his previous single I will be happy, and there is always the B-sides.

I do find the fact that the JWEST release is a mini album and not a full album interesting. Especially since it has none of the single tracks of the past two singles on it. But honestly I am rather happy with that as it means more new music from the group. Though it does make me wonder if this means that later this year we will get a full album from the group after another single release or two that will have those single tracks on it.

Though with the title of the first track on the JWEST mini-album I can only assume that the upcoming tour name will be the same as this release. I am curious to see it be explained, as in what it is meant to mean.

Either way I am happy that my prediction of their being a new release from Yuma and JWEST to go with their upcoming concert tours was right.

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